Ghostnet is the long-running testnet for Tezos.

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Public RPC endpoint
Faucet Ghostnet faucet
Full network name TEZOS_ITHACANET_2022-01-25T15:00:00Z
Tezos docker build tezos/tezos:v15.1
Activated on 2022-01-25T15:00:00Z
Protocol at level 0 PtHangz2aRngywmSRGGvrcTyMbbdpWdpFKuS4uMWxg2RaH9i1qx
Protocol at level 8191 Psithaca2MLRFYargivpo7YvUr7wUDqyxrdhC5CQq78mRvimz6A
Protocol at level 765952 PtJakart2xVj7pYXJBXrqHgd82rdkLey5ZeeGwDgPp9rhQUbSqY
Protocol at level 1191936 PtKathmankSpLLDALzWw7CGD2j2MtyveTwboEYokqUCP4a1LxMg
Protocol at level 1654784 PtLimaPtLMwfNinJi9rCfDPWea8dFgTZ1MeJ9f1m2SRic6ayiwW
Block Explorers TzKT - TzStats

Ghostnet is centrally managed to follow Tezos Mainnet protocol upgrades. It generally updates to the same protocol than Mainnet one week before Mainnet update itself.

Ghostnet update to Lima

Ghostnet will update to Lima next Monday, December 12th, at the end of cycle 403.

Thatโ€™s a dress rehersal one week before mainnet. It will provide insight on mainnet migration, and will give us enough time to fix problems (if any).

Every ghostnet baker must immediately:

  • upgrade to v15.1 of Octez
  • run kathmandu and lima bakers together
  • run the following command to update your node config:
tezos-node config update --network

Then restart the node. To verify that the update was successful, run tezos-node config show and observe that your configuration contains the following user-activated upgrade setting:

    "user_activated_upgrades": [
        "level": 8191,
        "replacement_protocol": "Psithaca2MLRFYargivpo7YvUr7wUDqyxrdhC5CQq78mRvimz6A"
        "level": 765952,
        "replacement_protocol": "PtJakart2xVj7pYXJBXrqHgd82rdkLey5ZeeGwDgPp9rhQUbSqY"
        "level": 1191936,
        "replacement_protocol": "PtKathmankSpLLDALzWw7CGD2j2MtyveTwboEYokqUCP4a1LxMg"
        "level": 1654784,
        "replacement_protocol": "PtLimaPtLMwfNinJi9rCfDPWea8dFgTZ1MeJ9f1m2SRic6ayiwW"

Note: if your config is not under the default dir (~/.tezos-node), you must pass the option -d /path/to/my/node/dir to the commands above.

You do not need to be online during activation as long as you performed these steps correctly.

If you donโ€™t do step 3, you will be on a fork and will have to rebuild your node storage from scratch. Thanks in advance for your participation.

Generic instructions to start baking on Ghostnet are below.

Install the software

โš ๏ธ If you already have an existing Tezos installation, do not forget to backup and delete your ~/.tezos-node and ~/.tezos-client.

Download and install Tezos version v15.1

Follow instructions from the Tezos documentation.

Alternative: Use docker

To join Ghostnet with docker, open a shell in the container:

docker run -it --entrypoint=/bin/sh tezos/tezos:v15.1

Alternative: Build the software

โš ๏ธ If this is your first time installing Tezos, you may need to install a few dependencies.

git clone
cd tezos
git checkout v15.1
opam init # if this is your first time using OPAM
make build-deps
eval $(opam env)
export PATH=$HOME/tezos/_build/install/default/bin/:$PATH

Join the Ghostnet network

Run the following commands:

tezos-node config init --network

tezos-node run --rpc-addr

๐Ÿ’ก A simple way to keep your process alive is to use screen or nohup to keep it running in the background while redirecting logs into files at the same time. For example:

nohup tezos-node run --rpc-addr > ./node-ghostnet.log &

Bake on the Ghostnet network

To improve reliability of the chain, you can take part in the consensus by becoming a baker. In that case, you will need some test tokens from the faucet.

If you are not a bootstrap baker, you need to register your key as a delegate using your alias or pkh. For instance:

./tezos-client register key mykey as delegate

You may now launch the baker process.

tezos-baker-PtLimaPt run with local node ~/.tezos-node mykey --liquidity-baking-toggle-vote pass

You may run the accuser as well:

tezos-accuser-PtLimaPt run

๐Ÿ’ก Again, to keep your processes alive in background:

nohup tezos-baker-PtLimaPt run with local node ~/.tezos-node mykey --liquidity-baking-toggle-vote pass > ./baker-ghostnet.log &

Note that you need a minimum amount of tez to get baking rights. If you are not a bootstrap baker, it will take you several cycles to start baking.