Current testnets for the Tezos blockchain are listed here. Read more.

This list of Teztnets is also available in json format.

Long-running Teztnets

Testnets that follow mainnet upgrades

  Activated on Faucet
Kaizen 2021-05-21 Kaizen faucet

Protocol Teztnets

Testnets deployed specifically to test new Tezos protocol proposals.

  Activated on Faucet
Hangzhounet 2021-11-04 Hangzhounet faucet
Idiazabalnet 2021-11-30 Idiazabalnet faucet

Periodic Teztnets

Testnets that restart regularly and track the development of the master branch of Octez repo.

  Activated on Faucet
Dailynet 2021-12-01 Dailynet faucet
Mondaynet 2021-11-29 Mondaynet faucet