Current testnets for the Tezos blockchain are listed here. Read more.

This list of Teztnets is also available in json format.

Protocol Teztnets

Testnets deployed specifically to test new Tezos protocol proposals.

  Activated on Faucet
Hangzhounet 2021-11-04 Hangzhounet faucet
Ithacanet 2021-12-22 Ithacanet faucet

Periodic Teztnets

Testnets that restart regularly and track the development of the master branch of Octez repo.

  Activated on Faucet
Dailynet 2022-01-16 Dailynet faucet
Mondaynet 2022-01-10 Mondaynet faucet

See Teztnets nodes and network status with Pyrometer.